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Modern-day Eria




Main Characters:

Andrius: An Osprey Sergeant and skilled warrior. Chapter 16, Page 46.

Brennan: A young serf who works at the Imperial palace. Chapter 14, Page 28.

Edan: A halfling thief who prowls the streets of Axele… for both kinds of booty. Chapter 6, Page 2.

Errol: Commander of the Ospreys. The bearer of a cursed weapon of unknown origins.

Mirra: A scarred mercenary with a mysterious past, and our story’s protagonist. Chapter 3, Page 31.

Nigel: A powerful mage and high advisor to the king of Eria.


Major Characters

Alexis: A zamriel and Mirra’s companion.

Eleanor Silverbrand: The crown princess of the Erian Empire. An only child.

Evrina Silverbrand: The late queen of Eria.

Irul Vaka: The Kashaar ambassador to Axele.

Jerio: A young Osprey initiate, and Brennan’s cousin.

Mitar: Overlord of the Sharaz empire.

Rael Silverbrand: An aged sorcerer and the king of Eria.


Supporting Characters:

Ark: The leader of the Cutthroat Elusives.

Ashe: Mitar’s only son.

Calhen: An incompetent senior advisor to the king.

Deloras: An Osprey Lieutenant and Dryad.

Eris: Mitar’s queen consort.

Hal: A blacksmith and friend of Edan.

Patty: An excellent cook and wife to Hal.

Royce: A friend of Edan who resides in the Inner Circles.

Tad: Edan’s best friend since childhood, also a pickpocket.

Teema: A kind priestess who lives in the Outer Circles.

Vayle: A friend of Edan who resides in the Inner Circles.



Axele: The imperial capital of Eria. A large, dusty city populated mostly by humans. The “Outer Circles” of Axele house the slums and the Grand Bazaar. The “Inner Circles” consist of businesses and residences maintained by the city’s elite, and the Imperial palace, which stands at the city’s center. Chapter 2, Page 2 . Chapter 2, Page 9.

Acriel: A small fishing village built at the tip of a peninsular extending from the western coast of the Erian Continent.

Ash Canyon: A great crevice dividing Erian and Sharaz territories.

The Great Shield: A magical shield projected over Axele in its entirety. Its origins are unclear. Chapter 2, Page 3 . Chapter 7, Page 21.

Ellune: A port-of-call named after the Bay of Ellune.

Eria/Erian Continent: The human-dominated territory in which our story takes place. Chapter 2, Page 4.

Espar: One of Eria’s many small villages.

Fort Abel: The sky prison located off the western coast of the Erian continent.

Nura: The capital of Sharaz.

Orchis: The elflands located directly south of Eria.

Sharaz: Kashaar territory to the far east of Eria. Most Sharazen bear a deep hatred and distrust of humans in general, particularly of human mages.

Velia: One of Eria’s many small villages.

Winthrall: The capital city of Orchis.



Bestials: The allied races borne of Tor’ Aeva- kashaar, sirens, and mo’a. Chapter 15, Page 50

Great Houses of Eria: Chapter 3, Page 32.

Primals: The allied races borne of Siru- humans, elves and gren. Chapter 15, Page 50

The Cutthroat Elusives: An infamous guild of mercenaries. Members are often referred to as Dirks. Chapter 7, Page 25.



Dirhza: An extinct race of bloodthirsty monsters. Chapter 9, Page 10.

Elves: A thriving race of primals, all of which possess magical abilities.

Gren: One of the races of primals. Purebloods are extremely rare.

Humans: A thriving race of primals, some of which possess magical abilities.

Kashaar: One of the beast races, or bestials. Also known as dragon-riders.

Mo’A: One of the beast races, or bestials, of which little is known due to their secretive nature.

Ospreys: The knights of the Erian Kingsguard.

Seraph: A group of blessed individuals credited for eradicating the Dirhza threat. Chapter 12, Page 6.



Siru: The God of the Canae religion, also known as the Wolf God. Worshipped by most primals. Chapter 7, Page 22.

Aeva: The Goddess of the Aevian religion. Worshipped by the bestials, and few primals. Chapter 7, Page 25.



Rose Moon Festival: The Erian’s annual tribute to The Wolf God, Siru. Chapter 7, Page 22.

The Tempest War: The final battle against the Dirhza, which took place roughly a thousand years prior.



Lok’Viir: A derogatory term referring to a mage of uncertain parentage.

Silok: The term used to address the overlord of a kashaar tribe. “Silar” is used if the position is held by a woman.

Scythe: Slang for Dirhza.

Y’virr: A Lyrian term that loosely translates into “evil being”.